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Leah's Place isn't just a childcare we are a family.

My childcare is a small licensed in-home facility.

All families enrolled are considered one big family.

This policy is a short version of my policy packet.

I do NOT accept DSHS subsidy

3 months- 6 years $300.00 a week slot


slots are for entire week whether you need 2 days or 5 days you're taking a slot and you pay 300.00 a week regardless.

Holding a Slot

If you want to enroll your child and do not need care for a couple months but want to hold your slot

it is $100.00 a month per child

prepaid (No exceptions.) Non refundable.

100.00 enrollment fee also applies for new enrollments, also non refundable.


$100.00 per child registration fee (non refundable) due time of enrollment

Rate may increase if special needy child is enrolled, depending on the special need, we will discuss during our interview.


it is important you visit a few other childcare's  to find the right fit for your child and you. Every childcare is different.

When you enroll your child they are taking up a slot, this is your child's slot, you will pay for this slot even if your child is absent.

You pay your weekly rate under all other circumstances.

The schedule on the child care agreement form needs to followed. Don't be late with pick up time.!! if you're late  you will also be charged $5.00 a minute late charges due before your next scheduled child care day.

(follow your Childcare Agreement form).


Paydays are Due in advance each week,
starting on Monday or the first day of the week your child attends. Prepay for services

(weekly is normal)
NO EXCEPTIONS! For everyday your late paying me I will charge you $5.00 a day, i wont let 2 days go by without payment.  You can also prepay for weeks or a full month, whatever works best for you.

can be made by check or money order or cash. If your check Bounces at any time, I will charge you what the bank charges me, plus $25.00 and any additional bank charges.
I also will no longer accept checks from you, If it was a valid mistake ill allow you to continue to pay by check, if it bounces a second time Ill terminate . Make checks payable to ( Leah Lindsay )


Withdrawal from child-care
Please give me at the least 2 week notice in a handwritten letter stating that you no longer need my services with a signature and date included. If you leave before the 2 week notice you still have to pay your fee for those 2 weeks.

In the unlikely event that I determine your child needs care in a different setting I can help you with referrals and resources.
This may happen in the first weeks of enrolling them. I do not guarantee that I can find care for your children, That is up to the parent. I reserve the right to stop care If I have any problems with Child or parents at no notice.

Please call A.S.A.P. TO let me know your child is not coming on their scheduled day.
You have to pay your day rate whether your child is here or not because this is their slot.
If you call me on the weekend I may not be able to contact you till Monday morning. You can always leave a message for me, I will definitely get it.

I will be closed on these Holidays:

New Years Day, Memorial day, Martin Luther King, presidents,
3rd, 4th & 5th Of July, Labor day,
The day before Thanksgiving, Thanksgiving  and the day after
Christmas Eve, Christmas Day and the Day after
I may add more time off for Holiday's with proper notice.
You will still have to pay your slot on all holidays


It will be your responsibility to find alternative care for your children on days I'm closed or when I am Ill or on Vacation or some Emergency situation. On Emergencies there may be no warning, or a short time warning if this happens. I recommend you have a back up provider Always! I will call/text you the night before or the morning of if I am too sick to provide care. If I'm extremely Ill I will put a note on the door.

House Rules:

Parents have free access to all child care area's during child care hours only when it's there child's scheduled day. Please No smoking on my property. Smoking is prohibited.

No alcohol or drugs or Guns are allowed in the childcare

we are a no shoes facility

Childcare Supply List, parent's must provide:
Infant: Diapers, wipes, Formula/breast milk, Bottles, Bibs, Extra clothes, (base it on weather), sunscreen,special Blanket, (if needed) Parents Please Supply a Box of Kleenex- monthly or make sure your child's Kleenex is replaced, it will be stored in their cubby.

* and any other necessities that deem necessary.*

I need a signed form to administer sunscreen, which I will give you.
Please Bring a special sippie cup, You can leave the cup here if you like.


We do water sensory activities, so always bring extra clothes, we love the outdoors and we get dirty, please bring appropriate clothing, Remember By law I have to take the children out daily, unless its super stormy, wet, cold snowy weather.

Monday-Friday the schedule routine below has been known to change depending on season, weather, children's ages and for school children, and to help accommodate parents schedules. (We may do certain activities outside when weather is nice) There is no preschool for summer break. Preschool starts back up in Fall. This is are daily schedule below: (and does change)

we spend a lot of time outdoors enjoying nature the schedule for outdoor play is longer in spring and  summer

we also do daily neighborhood walks so dress appropriately

Open at 7:00 a.m. welcome
7:00-8:30 Breakfast and free time
8:30-10:00 Free time ~ arts and crafts~ Preschool Program
10:00-11:00 morning snack and outside play (weather permitted)
11:00-11:15 free play (so I can prepare lunch)
11:15 lunch/ clean up.
11:30ish story time (winding down time)
12:00-1:00-ish Quiet time/Rest Time.

1:00-2:30 free play
2:45- snack
3:15-3:30 circle time (preschool)
3:30-5:00 outside play (or inside group play)
!!!!!!!DON'T BE LATE WITH PICK-UP!!!!!!!
I plan my life around Pick-up times, so to make sure your here on your scheduled pickup time I will charge you $5.00 a minute late charges.

Meals and snacks:

I keep up to date on my food handlers permit
I will provide all healthy meals. I cook Organic healthy food, mostly warm meals, I make sandwiches very minimal. I can provide gluten free and non dairy to children who have allergies.

I may ask a parent to supply some of the meals if there is diet restrictions, we will discuss this during our interview.
If A child has a peanut allergy I will inform all parents to not bring peanuts into the facility/childcare. I will have fresh water at all times accessible for the children in there sippie cups. Please no Gum!! or lollipops. Yucky Sticky Icky!!
We will have small parties and celebrations on Holidays and Birthdays, parents may provide snacks If they like to contribute. I LIMIT sugar intake when I provide meals, snacks, and treats. I do not provide juice or give children Juice.
Infants: will be fed on demand, and I will hold them while bottle feeding unless they can hold their own bottle..

If a child is on a special health diet, I may not be able to provide for them, if that is the case please bring their food or /and drinks as well..

If your child is breast fed i can prepare your breast milk and keep a large supply in my freezer.


As required by Licensing wacs/rules, through all licensed child cares, there will be a quiet time with comfortable clean nap mats and playpens, and clean blankets.
This is a time they rest with soothing sounds of nature.

11:ish - 1:00. There is no talking or playing at this time. Most of the children do fall asleep.  I also comply with the SIDS recommendations, which does change periodically

children under age of 12 months can not be put down to sleep with a blanket which is a state wac rule.

If a parent requests you can have your child have quiet time located in another quiet room in a playpen . Some parents find there child gets better rest and does request it.

please do not pick up your child in between 11:00-1:00  in case the children are having there quiet time, if you need to pick them up please let me know me know first  so i can make arrangements to not to disturb the kids during there nap time, Thank you.

safe time to pickup early would be 1:00.

you can pick up during quiet time but please arrange with me first.

Toilet Training :
is a very special time,

I will be happy to assist with the training that the parents started at home first,
I will be working with you in the training process. Please let me know what best works for your child, so I can incorporate your tactics in the training. Since potty training can be messy you will need to supply a box of baby wipes and a lot extra clothes. Remember I cant do all the work, parents need to do their part or the child wont want to be potty trained.

Illness policy

if your child shows any signs of illness even if they are small symptoms , they will not be allowed in childcare and need to stay home.

If they just have a flu/cold they still have to quarantine and will not be allowed to come back to childcare for 5 days.

If your child shows symptoms of illness on a weekend , text asap to let me know, failure to do this will prolong your 5 day sick leave. I start to count the 5 days according to your text date.


I will have to agree and confirm a return date. You just cant bring them unless I agree.

You will still pay your weekly rate regardless of any situation.



mucous discharge from eyes or nose ( even clear mucous)

rash, fever, cough,vomiting, lice, any signs of a child being tired maybe a symptom of an illness.

(this is just a list, as a parent please listen to your gut)

If you are thinking, ~I hope my child isn’t sick,~ and you see small symptoms then that’s a clue to not have your child come to childcare. Please Do not give them Tylenol and send them to childcare because that means they don’t feel good.

I can not stress enough about this, I understand we all get sick but please know children who are sick are not allowed to attend childcare.

If your child shows any signs of any illness while in childcare I will call parents A.S.A.P. TO PICK UP THEIR CHILD, i will quarantine them away from the other children until you arrive.


From my experience 90% of the time a parent thinks their child's cold like symptoms are teething related and 90% of the time its a cold and we all get sick.
When a parent thinks its teething and or allergies, majority of the time they're wrong...


If you need to work you should find a back up provider who will watch your child if they're sick. HEALTHY CHILDREN ONLY PLEASE I am not a nurse.


when your child receives immunizations please let me know so I can update the immunization form.. If you chose not to have your child immunized, that is okay but need you to fill out an exemption form with possibly a physicians signature. I will provide the form, please let me know if you need it, Thank you .


I will not administer any prescription medication.

Children's property:
I am not responsible for lost or damaged property your child brings to my home. If you are worried about your children's property please then just leave toys  at home.
I also have a small cubbies /lockers for their belongings.


Leah Lindsay
Leah's Place child-care
599-3076 (landline)


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