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I hope you are considering enrolling your child/ren with me. They will be taken care of with the highest care I can possibly give. A lot of Love is involved with how I manage to Care for the children. My passion in life is my own children and the children who I watch. I am very Lucky and blessed to be able to spend my days with children, I get to be around the most funnest of people all day who don't judge and just love and love to learn and grow.

I knew I wanted to work with children when I was just a child. My mother was a school Teacher who has retired from Mt. Baker school where she taught the developed mentally challenged children age ranges 3- 21. I knew that I also wanted to work with children at a very young age. I was Born and raised here in Bellingham/whatcom county area 45 years and counting.

I have 2 boys, Bryce is 30 who is in the space force presently, stationed in Colorado and is Married to his high school sweetheart and they have 2 children (my grand babies)
Tanner is 25 and is  in the air force, I made air force babies! He is stationed in Georgia  and i sure miss all them.

Aaron is My Husband, I've known Aaron since I was 15 years old. Aaron Builds Homes for Method construction, he recently worked on a few homes that were built for Brad Pitts Foundation. That was a real Neat thing that he was involved with. He also Builds Guitars and makes beautiful, beautiful musical art!

I have been working with Children for over 30 years and Licensed for 23+ years. I graduated in 2006 with my AA in Child Development. In 2008 we remodeled our Large 2 car garage into an actual facility With centers and age appropriate toys and Room for the children to learn and Grow. This is a dream come true my own Private center! Before I had the child care in my home. This center was made with love for the little ones and is safe, secure and fun and very educational.

In my leisure time I hang with Friends and Aaron. I enjoy being outdoors, hiking, walking,camping, foraging, my garden/planting ,harvesting drying herbs and making my own herbal teas and beauty products. I am very health conscious and love to grow all our own food organically. Working with what the EARTH has provided is so rewarding. I love to bake and cook everything from scratch, No cans! all real food.

My life style has changed dramatically within the last few years and everything I consume is real Healthy more plant based foods.

Everything I eat is Organic and local. I eat nothing that is packaged. My health is important to me and the health of the children that come here is equally important to me..


This is a little bit about us, I love children, I do my best I am not perfect but I am put on this earth for 1 thing, to make a positive difference in all children's lives, and give them 100% of me.


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